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Modular and Beyond Since 2008

Modular Museum

The Modular Museum

Welcome to the Modular Museum, housed in the heart of Noisebug's Magic Theatre. Explore a collection of iconic modular synthesizer pieces that have influenced electronic music. From the Buchla 200 system to a Rob Hordijk modular system, each exhibit showcases innovative designs, character and sonic possibilities.

Discover a diverse array of modular synthesizer systems, including a complete Serge system, Analogue Solutions - Colossus, Dual Wiard system, Fenix 2, Plan B, Livewire, MOTM, Frac Rack, and more. This museum isn't just a display – experienced modular synthesists can rent studio time with these pieces for sound design and recording. Whether you're seeking vintage analog warmth or pushing sonic boundaries, the Modular Museum invites you to unlock your creative potential and explore the history of modular synthesis.

Analogue Solutions - Colossus

Blacet Research - Frac Rack System

Buchla - Buchla & Friends 18 Module System

Folktek - Impossible Box & Luminist Garden

GRP Synthesizer - A4

LA67- Mort's Barge

Livewire - 7 Module Eurorack System

Metasonix - 5U Tube System

Metasonix - D-2000

Pin Electronics Modular - Portabella

Plan B -16 Module Eurorack System

Rob Hordijk - Classic 12 Module System

Serge - 8-Panel System

TINRS - Fenix IV

Wiard - 300 System [14 modules]

By Appointment - Speakers

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