Corsynth - C108: Dual VCA

  • $260.00

Manufacturer Description:

The C108 Dual VCA is a dual voltage controlled amplifier with selectable linear and exponential response.

VCAs are one of the most important modules in a modular synth. In addition to the more obvious use, that it’s volume control, a VCA allows to add voltage control to any modulation input helping to create more interesting and time evolving patches.

A signal input.
An initial gain control.
A voltage control input with a level potentiometer.
A switch to select the VCA response, linear or exponential.
An output.

The VCAs in this module are not only attenuators, they can also boost the input signal. Using the initial gain potentiometer and a five volts CV signal, the VCA has a maximum gain of 2 (doubles the signal amplitude). This is very useful for signal processing or to boost external signals.

The C108 Dual VCA is built using high quality electronic components, Switchcraft jacks, Cosmo knobs (the same used by Moog Modular) , anodized aluminum front panel.

Technical Data:
Module Format : 5U, MU format (, Moog )
Module Width : 1 MU ( Moog Unit )
Module Depth : 52 mm ( 2,05 inches )
Power : +15V@32mA , -15V@35mA
Power connectors : , MOTM ( 4 pin )
VCA Maximum Gain : without using CV maximum gain 1 , using CV maximum gain 2