Flame - Chord Machine 2

Flame - Chord Machine 2

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Musical genius – Flame’s Chord Machine 2 can extract chords with up to four voices from a single control voltage. 42 presets and 16 user-definable chords in first, second and third inversion serve as basis for such experiments. 54 pre-fabricated and 16 customizable scales allow musicians to create joyful as well as melancholic results. On top of that, the Chord Machine 2 features a well-equipped arpeggiator voice. It can be used as a quantizer as well. Thanks to modulation inputs, it is possible to quickly transpose notes and influence parameters via other modules. Configurations can be saved as part of a song list.



Flame’s Chord Machine 2 comes equipped with a chord generator, an arpeggiator and a quantizer. The module generates up to five voices based on one incoming CV signal. The voices can be spread over a range of eight octaves. 42 presets plus 16 user chords with up to four voices are available for musical experiments. Additionally, it is possible to choose between first, second and third inversion. All in all, musicians get access to 232 chords, which are playable within 54 preset and 15 user scales. Transpositions can be done via a CV input.

The fifth voice of the Chord Machine 2 is meant for arpeggios, which can run in several directions. The octave range is variable as well. Alternatively, this channel can be used as a quantizer with editing options. For storing configurations, there is a file system reminiscent of a song list. Program and arpeggiator parameters are not only editable by hand, but can be modulated via a CV input as well. For synchronizing the module to other equipment, there is a clock input. Chord and arpeggio control voltages are emitted via dedicated connectors. The standard 1v / octave is used for scaling pitch signals. Additionally, there is a trigger output. Firmware updates can be imported via a USB connector, which is situated on the modules circuit board.


Pitch CV input
Program, transpose and clock inputs
Four chord outputs
Arpeggiator respectively quantizer output
Trigger output


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 45 mm in depth
Power consumption: 140 mA at +12 V and 20 mA at -12 V