Flame - Curves

Flame - Curves

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Curves is an analog filter bank with twelve bands. Thanks to a built-in pattern generator, the channels can be played rhythmically. – Including variations. The module features a variety of sequences. You can create your own patterns using a free software editor (Windows / OSX). The module holds up to 99 patterns. Clock and reset inputs are available for synchronization with other modular equipment plus there is a MIDI connector. While the sequencer is deactivated, you can choose between several filter types. – A feature that makes Curves even more versatile.


The Curves module offers twelve fixed bandpass channels plus VCAs. The frequency intervals between the filters are trimmed for musicality. The VCAs come equipped with CV inputs. Individual outputs emit single bandpass signals. A built-in pattern player allows you to (de)activate bands one by one, meaning it is possible to create rhythmic structures. Alternatively to the standard presets, you can program your own sequences using the free Curves editor software (Windows / OSX) and load them into one of the module’s 99 storage slots. Thanks to a display and two buttons, switching between patterns is very easy. For tempo control and synchronization, Curves offers analog clock and reset inputs as well as a MIDI connector. The latter makes it possible to play the twelve filter channels dynamically using note and velocity values.

In sequencer mode, with no cables plugged into the CV inputs, the VCAs are controlled via AR envelopes. Attack and release phase can be altered using the Envelope potentiometer. A Variation knob allows you to add some randomness to release time and velocity respectively volume. The Fill potentiometer is basically an offset control, which makes it possible to open all VCAs mutually.

With the sequencer inactive, you can select different filter types via the Variation knob. In detail, all-pass, low-pass, three band-pass modes and high-pass are available. Using the Fill potentiometer, it is possible to run through all twelve bands. The Envelope knob may be used to make this process smoother. In detail, it activates a second band next to the selected filter. This way, switching between bands sounds less abrupt. Most parameters mentioned are voltage controllable.

Thanks to two inputs and three outputs, the filter channels can be used either together or divided into even and odd bands. With panning odd and even outputs to the left and right side, it is possible to generate some great stereo effects. The main output features dry / wet and level controls.


Two audio inputs (Odd / All and Even)
Three master audio outputs (Odd, Even and All)
Twelve audio outputs for individual filter channels
Twelve VCA CV inputs
MIDI input
Clock and Reset inputs
CV inputs for Envelope, Variation, Fill and Sequence parameters


3U Eurorack module, 31 HP wide, 45 mm in depth
Power consumption: 210 mA at +12 V and 160 mA at -12 V