Happy Nerding - 6x Mix

  • $100.00


6x MIX is an audio mixer with six AC-coupled channels. The inputs can be divided into up to three separately usable subgroups. Typical for Happy Nerding: Concentric dual potentiometers are used for level control to keep the module’s footprint small.



6xmix is a six channel audio (ac coupled) mixer, channels arranged in three groups with separate outputs having led indicators. each group can be switched to mix with the subsequent group, allowing for 2-2-2, 4-2, 6 mix configurations. the module can also be used to mix two stereo channels plus separate group of two mono channels. perfect audio performance with the lowest noise and distortion amounts.

the inner knobs control the a inputs, while the outer knobs control the b inputs.


Per group:
Two audio inputs
Mix output


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, 35 mm in depth
Power consumption: 50 mA at +12 V and 50 mA at -12 V