Leaf Audio - Field Amp

  • $210.00

Quality amplification & power management circuitry. No noise or beeping can be heard or seen in the spectrum, not even above the hearing range, which would come into focus later during sound manipulation processes. You can record with high sampling rates, transpose the audio by a lot and enjoy your pure sound. Just the clear, pristine audio you want to capture with your contact microphones.
Optimised for travelling. The small unit is fully portable, light, offers many mounting possibilities. A professional case is included, which also can carry your contact mics, batteries and cables.
Body sound transmission vs. airborne sound. We are used to listen to the world from our own human hearing perspective. Sound travels through air before it hits the diaphragm of our ear or a microphone. By using contact microphones you switch the hearing perspective from listening to the outside of materials to listening from within materials. This shift is a massive trick for your sound design, which you should try! There is a whole world of sound that normally keeps hidden.
Field Amp is optimised for Hi-Z signals like contact mics and geophones. It also acts as an impedance converter with a powerful output signal. No loss of signal quality when you keep the wiring short between microphones and the input. The output is a strong signal and you don't have to worry about a few meters of cable. We recommend using the shielded contact microphones by Exploding Shed. Generally you can try contact mics with our pre-amp, as well as geophones, hydrophones, or guitar pickups. If you want to use geophones with XLR connnector like LOM, make sure to read the manual and buy the additional special adaptor cable! We also have adaptors for the output side. Check Exploding Shed or one of the other distributors.


 Low-Noise pre-amp for contact mics, geophones etc.

• Case included

9V DC power supply or battery

• USB-C to barrel connector adapter cable included
Up to ~50x adjustable gain
1 mono input
2 mono outputs (one -12 dB)
All connections 3.5 mono jack
12 x 12 x 3.4 cm

 192 g (410 g incl. case & USB-C to barrel cable)
1/4"-UNC mount on top and bottom for camera tripods etc.