Maneco Labs - Clusterverb 5U

Maneco Labs - Clusterverb 5U

  • $399.00

5U Moog Format Module


An effects processor with three simultaneous sections, reverse , delay with tap tempo and reverb with freeze , capable of the most complex sound landscapes but intuitive and user friendly at the same time.




Delay level : sets the blend between previous stage (reverse component ) and delayed output.


Delay time : sets the speed of the repetition, works in tandem with tap tempo button , with a blinking led for immediate time information


Delay feedback : controls the amount of repetitions, from one to a sustained loop at high values


Reverse: balances between dry input and reversed component.from dry to 100 % reverse.


Reverb : balance between previous reverse and delay stages, from no reverb to 100 % wet


Decay : sets size and decay for the reverb, from small chambers to huge atmospheres.


Momentary touch switches for delay tap tempo and reverb freeze engage


Jacks: input signal, output signal , cv control for delay , reverse and reverb levels , remote trigger inputs for tap tempo and reverb freeze