Synthetic Sound Labs Model 1250 - Quad LFO

Synthetic Sound Labs Model 1250 - Quad LFO

  • $275.00


Manufacturer Description:

The SSL 1250 Quad LFO combines four dual waveform (sine/square) low frequency oscillators in one convenient 1 MU module. Why tie up four expensive double width VCO modules if all you need are simple vibratos, trills, slowly morphing timbres or repeating gate sources? Give your synth slow subtile variations or wild cacophonous modulations at lost cost and all within a single module width.

Controls and Connectors (X4)
- LFO Rate control
- Rate LED / Range push switch
- Waveform switch (Sine/Square)
- Output

Rate Range: Control of rate from ~.01 Hz to ~40 Hz in two overlapping ranges.

Outputs: Nominally 10V PP (+/-5V).

Power: +15V @ < 45ma, -15V @ <45ma (all LEDs on), 6 pin Molex standard.

Height - 8.75" Width - One Moog Unit (MU) - 2.115"
Depth - 2.75" behind panel (allowing for wiring)