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Doepfer is a German company founded by Dieter Doepfer in 1992. It played a significant role in popularizing the Eurorack modular format. The Eurorack standard itself emerged around the same time, with various manufacturers adopting it for creating modular synthesizer modules. This format’s compact size and standardized voltage levels contributed to its widespread acceptance in the modular synthesizer community.

Dieter Doepfer, an electronic engineer, founded Doepfer Musikelektronik in 1992. He had a background in electronic music and synthesizers. Doepfer initially focused on MIDI controllers and analog sequencers but later became a key player in the modular synthesizer scene.

The Eurorack format, which Doepfer helped popularize, features modules with a standardized height of 3U (rack units) and a width measured in horizontal pitch units (HP). This compact and consistent design allowed modules from different manufacturers to be housed in the same Eurorack case, fostering a modular synth ecosystem.

Doepfer's introduction of the A-100 modular system in Eurorack format, with its affordable and versatile modules, contributed to the format's growth. The modular synth community embraced the Eurorack standard, leading to a diverse range of modules from various manufacturers and the vibrant modular synthesis scene we see today.

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