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Modular and Beyond Since 2008

Northern Light Modular

Based out of Denmark, NLM has been making modules since 2017. Their earliest offerings included Eventide H9 Buchla 4u conversion and some Buchla Format kits.

Mid Era NLM focused on open-source circuits and Mutable Clones in 4U, adding some extended functionality to the modules. Also, they’re lauded for continuing and expanding Buchla / BEMI’s H-format. In addition, their line of Easel Cards has greatly expanded the Buchla 208s capabilities.

As of late, NLM are releasing original circuits a la Animated Triscillator, Dual Multimode VCF and Delayed Inveloper. Also, Stemming from their open-source work they have licensed propriety modules for release in 4U i.e., the 4ms SMR.

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